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To the top in Taipei

In Hardwell’s Travels, KLM and Hardwell take you on tour. This time we travel to Taipei, a vibrant metropolis with the soul of a village. The city boasts many major nightlife venues where DJs such as Hardwell are welcomed with open arms. Watch this exclusive video in which Hardwell gives you an insight into the city, its residents and the nightlife scene.

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Watch Hardwell in TaiPei

One of these residents is Dilun Ho. He invited Hardwell to explore a new, innovative way of making music. Watch the video below to see how Hardwell experiences this encounter.

Hardwell: “Taipei is a completely different world from anywhere else.”

A World-class performance

Next, Hardwell talks about how he makes music and the song that fans enjoy the most at his concerts – and more importantly, why they love the music so much. Of course, Hardwell didn’t fly in just to visit Taipei: before he left the city, he rewarded the crowds of fans with one of his best performances ever.

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