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Going local in Lima

In Hardwell’s Travels, KLM and Hardwell take you on tour. This time we travel to Peru, where Hardwell explores the unique culture of Lima. Join us on a discovery of local musical gems, a quest for some fantastic food and a performance at a sold-out venue packed with fans. Spoiler alert: Hardwell loses his heart to Peru.

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But to conquer the heart of a city like Lima, you must learn all about the local culture. Hardwell starts out by visiting a music studio and listening to some beats by local producers. That is how he learns more about Cumbia, a musical style that originated in Columbia but, thanks to Peruvian influences, has transformed into a whole new sound.

"Hardwell: “Music is a universal language that connects people”

From local music to local cuisine

Hardwell immediately finds himself deeply inspired by Peruvian music. But there is more to come when he visits one of South America’s best restaurants. Here he meets top chef Virgilio Martínez Véliz and samples many unique Peruvian dishes. Watch this exclusive KLM video about Hardwell’s inspiring tour and enjoy a spectacular Hardwell show in a sold-out venue in Lima.

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